your happy place

The other day a friend of mine asked me what my happy place was.  Apparently the parameters were somewhere close-by that you frequent.  It could be your apartment, your car, etc.  I got lost in my own headspace and when I emerged, the answer was Malibu.  I never realized how special of a place it is to me.  It's kind of cliche in so many ways that such a touristy and "classic Southern California" place stirs such happiness in my heart, but it does.  For so many years I've walked the beaches, the mountains, drove the highway, and watched the sun set along the shores of Malibu.  I've listened to the whispers of the wind and the hum of the trees deep in the canyons.  Malibu makes me grateful to live in Los Angeles.  It's the epitome of what Southern California has to offer with its forever sunshine and blue waters.  Malibu is my place of sheer bliss and joyous memories.  It's a place I cherish and continue to share my love.

A few weeks back, Jesse and I went to Malibu for Valentine's Day.  We decided to do a scenic hike and picnic for lunch at the top of the cliff.  Halfway through our hike we felt our legs burning and our heart rate up.  We were exhausted!  Then we realized we had taken the wrong trail... but it didn't matter because we were together.

What's your happy place?