Traveling From Home

Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

Holy moley.

It feels as though it's been forever since I delved in and edited some of my own personal work.  Sometimes the months fly by and suddenly I realized I never edited personal travel photos from 6 months ago.  It also doesn't help that 2016 whizzed by like some crazy Nascar race.  Shouldn't it only be like, July or something?

I ended up getting hit with a horrible bout of food poisoning last week that forced me to slow down and take a moment for myself.  I was out for several days.  I put all of the client work aside and told myself, "these are my sick days.  This is my time for rest.  This is my time for me."

Ten minutes later I was bored out of my mind scrolling Pinterest, wishing to get out of my PJs and run some errands.  The cabin fever had set in.

Then it occurred to me to use the little precious time I had to edit some of my own personal work.  So I opened up the first two days of my Iceland trip (cir. September 2016) and began editing away.

It.  Felt.  AMAZING.

I am so in awe of my photos from the trip.  I got to re-live those two beautiful cloudy days from the comfort of sunny Los Angeles, with food poisoning and all.  I got to be amazed all over again!  How cool is that??  It's like I went on another trip without actually going anywhere!  The power of photography never lets me down.

I still have fifteen days left worth of photos to edit, but you can be sure I'll be posting them like a mad woman once they're complete - stories and all.  So get excited because I know I am!

And if you want some sneak peaks, check out my Instagram @marlenapearlphoto because I've posted a handful over there!