Sequoia National Park: Recommendations & Photo Journal

Sequoia National Park is one of those places in the world that is nearly unfathomable.  The trees are so tall, so old, and so stunning that it's so difficult to fully capture the feeling of being there.  Meander away from the crowds and you'll find an incredible sense of serenity among the giants who have witnessed American history in its entirety.

My Recommendations

Note: Sequoia National Park is very different from other parks in that there really aren't many specified hiking trails or length of trails.  There are destinations (such as General Sherman) that you can get to from many different ways.  You can determine the length of the trail depending on your approach.  I'd recommend pin-pointing all of these spots on a map to figure out how much walking you're interested in doing.  Most of the high-trafficked areas have wooden walkways.

photo journal

In the fall of 2016, Jesse and I decided we needed a vacation from our vacation (does that even make sense?), so we planned a spur-of-the-moment trip to Sequoia National Park.  It had been over a decade (or two) since Jesse had last been and I had never truly been before.

We camped at Lodgepole Campground at the tail end of the season and spent a few nights before heading home.  Despite the shortening daylight hours, we soaked up every ounce of peaceful nature that we could.  Needless to say, it was a pretty zen experience.

Also, fun fact: a squirrel climbed up my leg.  It was so random and came out of nowhere.  We were too shocked to take any photos or video, but I promise it did happen!  Maybe it mis-took me for a tree...