NYC Highlights

I've been playing around with photo editing a lot lately after feeling for so long that I wasn't quite getting the look I wanted, especially with my travel photos.  Sometimes I envision a certain vibe for them when I'm shooting and I have trouble getting that exact grit across in the edit.  Editing photos makes them take on a whole new personality and while it's not the most important part of the photo, it can certainly make huge changes on the look and feel.

Every few years or so I notice that I do a "re-vamp" of my editing style.  We are always continuing to evolve as artists - even artists that are known world-wide are constantly developing and refining their style.  We notice this most frequently in musicians when they decide to try something new and suddenly their new album sounds nothing like the "old stuff" that you loved.

Anyway, my travel photos from September were the first group of photos I tried this "new way" of editing with.  Jesse and I went to NYC and New Hampshire in early September to visit my dad and go to a US Open tennis match for my birthday.  How lucky we were to see Rafael Nadal - one of my favorite players!!

Having grown up just outside of NYC, sometimes I feel like I've "seen it all" in the city.  But that's totally not true.  Experiencing the city as an adult and with Jesse is a totally different feeling.  We took some time to walk along the High Line, explore Chelsea Market, and some of the most quaint and picturesque streets.  New York City is far too busy and concrete for me, but I do enjoy spending a few days there and exposing myself to a whole new place.

Here's some highlights from our trip...