Leave it Better Than You Found it


One of the things that makes me the most upset in the outdoor world is finding litter.  I can't fathom it and will never be able to wrap my brain around the thought process of someone who carelessly drops their trash on our sacred world.


For what reason?

If you've got trash and you're not near a trash can, you can: stuff it in your pocket, stuff it in your bag, or hold it in your hand until you reach a place to dispose of it properly.

It's no secret that our Earth is decomposing in front of our very eyes.  What would happen if the Earth treated us the way we treated it?  Here's a fantastic video a couple of YouTubers created with the cold, honest truth.

Back in August, I started partnering with a company I truly admire in the National Parklands world.  If you're an REI shopper or if you've been following me on Instagram you may have heard of them -- Parks Project.  Their sole mission is to donate time, money, and resources to protecting our National lands and provide them with the up-keeping that they need.

I'm incredibly proud to be a brand ambassador for them and I hope you'll help me in supporing their mission!