Adventure Bucket List

2017 already has me dreaming about what hikes and destinations I want to tackle.  I keep mentioning certain hikes to Jesse and throwing them away by saying, "we need to do that soon."


That word haunts me.  Because soon is never now.  Soon doesn't have an expiration date.  Soon feels like an empty word backed by procrastination and lack of any real effort.  So I'm ready to throw soon out the window.  It's time to plan.

Here's some adventures I've got my eyes on for this calendar year.  If I don't get to them for whatever reason, it's A-okay.  But, the goal is to see and do as many things as I possibly can.  So welcome to my... 

2017 Adventure Bucket List

  • hike Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
  • hike Mt Baldy
  • camp at Joshua Tree National Park
  • camp in at least 1 other National Park that I've never been to before
    • Canyonlands
    • Redwood NP
  • go on 1 international trip
    • road trip through Scotland and Ireland
    • road trip through New Zealand
    • explore Japan
    • road trip through Switzerland
  • go on at least 1 domestic trip
    • New Orleans
    • Chicago
    • Portland
  • go somewhere new at least once a month
    • Museum of Jurassic Technology
    • Rain Room at LACMA
    • a new hike, park, experience
  • go on at least 1 hike a month, even if it's the same hike each month
  • go on at least 1 road trip

I'll be checking back with you in December to see how I fared on this list!

What are some things on your adventure bucket list for this year?