2016 Favorites

I never used to be really into reflecting at the end of the year.  Mainly because I always think we do the best that we can during the year and to harp on what we learned or could have changed can sometimes feel redundant.  But this year, something inside my brain matured a bit more and I realized that reflection can be seen as a positive thing if you want it to.  It's not just about how you can improve, but also what made you happy, what you achieved, and how you grew.

For me, achieving a grater state of mental health was a huge achievement.  I can mentally see how much I've grown since this time last year, how my thinking has changed, and how much more open my mind has become.  Sure, there were plenty of mental ups and downs this year - times when I struggled far more than I can admit and sometimes feeling down about things I can't always quite put into words.  I've also become far more comfortable about discussing mental health both in person and online.  I've realized that so many people struggle from issues big and small.  I'm certainly not alone in this journey and being more open has allowed others to share their insight, experiences, and struggles.  And after all, isn't that half of what being a human is all about?:  Connection, courage, and love in it's simplest form. :)

Besides personal reflections, I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal favorite images from this past year.  I also included some Instagram favorites at the end.  I'm curious to know - which ones are your favorites?