hey there, i'm marlena.

I discovered my love for the outdoors when my now, husband brought me on a camping trip with friends to Kings Canyon National Park.  It was my first time sleeping in a tent, surrounded by insanely tall trees and a swift river riding the edge of the site.  From then on, I was hooked.

The love grew as the years passed and I discovered this “world” of hiking, camping, and eventually, the combination of both – backpacking.  Along that journey, the outdoors became my artistic muse and my mental delight.  I photographed weddings and fashion, but nothing brought me as much joy as capturing a stunning vista along a hike.

In turn, Nature RX became a real thing for me.  Escaping to the mountains on a regular basis and being without cell service enlightened me.  It set me free from the craziness of life and the fast pace that can suffocate us on a daily basis.  The simplicity of doing everything by hand and getting everywhere on foot became a form of therapy that changed my life for good.

There’s the old saying that you photograph what you love.  There’s no doubt in my mind that is why landscape photography stole my heart.


This is my husband, Jesse, and I in Yosemite, two days after our wedding in the Sierras in 2018. Since that early trip to Kings Canyon, we’ve endured neck-deep water crossings, thunderstorms at 12,000ft, and countless moments of gratitude for this incredible planet that we live on.

Photos by Ben Sowry